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Our Genealogical Helper for Dumontville ...

We have a couple of goals for our Gazetteer:

  • That it be a tool that can help us with planning our trips.
  • That it also helps us to understand the community which surrounded our ancestors and that was part of their daily lives.

By learning about Dumontville (and the surrounding area) during the time that our ancestors lived, we hope to have a better understanding of both their community and its relationship to their lifes. We hope that this tool helps to give us insight while doing our genealogical research.

As we organize our Gazetteer to help with our family research, we will be adding to this, our Genealogical Helper for Dumontville. While we don't have information that is specific to any given person or family, we intend to expand our understanding about where and how people lived.

It's still very early in our research, but as we gather more information it will be added to this page.

Cemeteries Near Dumontville ...

Below are cemeteries that are in the vicinity of Dumontville.

This is a new section and is likely to have errors. If you find an error, such as a missing cemetery or we have the wrong name, please let us know. If you know of them, we would also appreciate learning about previous or alternate names.

If you need information about a burial or interment, photos, transcripts, how to contact the cemetery or local authorities, please visit our selection of Genealogy Websites (see above).

If you click on the [Map] that follows each cemetery's name, a new browser window will open with a Google map showing a satellite view of the area where the cemetery is located. We have tried to place the cemetery in the center of the map, but we're still working on our data and the map might not not be centered properly. If you don't see it right away, try zooming-in. Usually, but not always, you can see the outline of the cemetery and some of the headstones.

Covering a larger area and in alphabetical order, we have our Cemetery List for Dumontville.

Distance &
  Name of Cemetery     Located In ...  
      Less than 2 miles<1>  
  E   Dumontsville Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  ESE   Floral Hills Memory Gardens [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  WNW   Baugher Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
      2 miles [3.2 km]  
  SSW   Graybill Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  SE   Gideon Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  E   Zeigler Cemetery [Map]       Fairfield County  
  ENE   Old St. Peters Cemetery [Map]       Pleasantville (Fairfield County)  
  ENE   New St. Peters Cemetery [Map]       Pleasantville (Fairfield County)  
  NNE   Bethel Cemetery [Map]       Baltimore (Fairfield County)  
      3 miles [4.8 km]  
  WSW   Greenfield Twp. Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  SW   Hooker Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  S   Forest Rose Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  SSE   County Infirmary Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  NE   Union Cemetery [Map]       Baltimore (Fairfield County)  
  NNE   Heistand Cemetery [Map]       Baltimore (Fairfield County)  
      4 miles [6.4 km]  
  SSW   Guseman Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  S   Old City Burying Ground [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  SSE   Elmwood Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  SE   Asbury Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  ESE   Mudhouse Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  N   Geohegan Cemetery [Map]       Baltimore (Fairfield County)  
  N   Baltimore Cemetery [Map]       Baltimore (Fairfield County)  
  N   Old Basil Cemetery [Map]       Baltimore (Fairfield County)  
  NW   Bright Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  NW   Fairchild Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  N   New Basil Cemetery [Map]       Baltimore (Fairfield County)  
      5 miles [8 km]  
  N   Shelley Cemetery [Map]       Baltimore (Fairfield County)  
  WSW   Hopewell United Brethren Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  SSW   Green Mound Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  SE   Applegate Cemetery [Map]       Fairfield County  
  SE   Freisner Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  ESE   Pleasant Hill Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  E   Baptist Cemetery [Map]       Pleasantville (Fairfield County)  
  ENE   Hampson Cemetery [Map]       Pleasantville (Fairfield County)  
  ENE   Geiger Cemetery [Map]       Pleasantville (Fairfield County)  
  NE   McNamee Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  NE   Old School Baptist Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  WNW   Carroll Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
      6 miles [9.7 km]  
  WSW   Wesley Chapel Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  SW   Mt. Zion Cemetery [Map]       Fairfield County  
  SSW   Stonewall Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  S   St. Marys Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  SSE   Lamott Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  SE   Mt. Tabor Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  SE   Maple Grove Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  SE   Bibler Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  NNW   Poplar Creek Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  ESE   St. Mathews Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  NNE   Warner Cemetery [Map]       Baltimore (Fairfield County)  
  NW   Mt. Carmel Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  N   Bickel Cemetery [Map]       Baltimore (Fairfield County)  
  W   Old Betzer Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  W   Betzer Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
      7 miles [11.3 km]  
  N   Union Cemetery [Map]       Fairfield County  
  SW   East Union Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  SSW   Schadel Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  SSE   Tarklin Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  SSE   Emery Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  SE   Myers Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  SE   Colins Chapel Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  ESE   Amish Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  ESE   Grace Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  E   Ruffner Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  NW   Fairview Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  W   Salem Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  W   Greencastle Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
      8 miles [12.9 km]  
  WSW   Royalton Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  SW   Van Meter Cemetery [Map]       Amanda (Fairfield County)  
  SSW   Hamburg Cemetery [Map]       Hamburg (Fairfield County)  
  SSW   Old Methodist Cemetery [Map]       Hamburg (Fairfield County)  
  NNW   Mt. Olive Cemetery [Map]       Fairfield County  
  ESE   Driver Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  E   Stevenson Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  NE   Presbyterian Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  WNW   Hoshor Cemetery [Map]       Jefferson (Fairfield County)  
      9 miles [14.5 km]  
  SSE   Ream Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  SE   Pleasant Hill Cemetery [Map]       Pleasant Hill (Fairfield County)  
  ESE   Mt. Zion Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  E   West Rushville Cemetery [Map]       Rushville (Fairfield County)  
  E   Chapel Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  ENE   New Oakthorpe Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  ENE   Old Oakthorpe Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  ENE   Woolard Cemetery [Map]       New Salem (Fairfield County)  
  ENE   New Salem Methodist Protestant Cemetery [Map]       New Salem (Fairfield County)  
  ENE   New Salem Methodist Episcopal Cemetery [Map]       New Salem (Perry County)  
  NNE   Millersport Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  N   Refugee Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  NW   Jobs Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  WNW   Raver Cemetery [Map]       Waterloo (Fairfield County)  
      10 miles [16.1 km]  
  SW   Amanda Twp. Cemetery [Map]       Amanda (Fairfield County)  
  S   St. Thomas Cemetery [Map]       Hamburg (Fairfield County)  
  S   New St. Thomas Cemetery [Map]       Fairfield County  
  SSE   Stuckey Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  NNW   Mt. Zion Cemetery [Map]       Fairfield County  
  SE   Olive Branch Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  E   Rushville Cemetery [Map]       Rushville (Fairfield County)  
  E   Reid Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  ENE   Drumm Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  ENE   Custard Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  N   Fletcher Chapel Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  NW   Dovel Memorial Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  WNW   Kramer Cemetery [Map]       (Franklin County)  
  W   Lithopolis Cemetery [Map]       (Fairfield County)  
  W   Brick Cemetery [Map]       Marcy (Fairfield County)  

Nearby Communities in 1895 ...

We've built the following list with information that came from an Atlas published by Rand McNally in 1895. The Atlas had details such as the population of the community (which appears to have come from the 1890 Census) and whether there was a post office and/or railroad service available. We also indicate if the community no longer exists and is now historic.<2>

The Rand McNally Atlas shows that Dumontville had a population of 163 people in 1895 with a post office and no railroad service.

These communities are listed based on their distance from Dumontville, with the one closest to Dumontville listed first.

Hooker       [Map]  
 - Located 3 miles [4.8 km] to the Southwest (SW) from Dumontville
 - 1895 population of 97 people
 - Hooker had a post office and railroad service
Lancaster       [Map]  
 - Located 4 miles [6.4 km] to the South (S) from Dumontville
 - 1895 population of 7,555 people (with 39,325 people in 2013)
 - Lancaster had a post office and railroad service
Baltimore       [Map]  
 - Located 4 miles [6.4 km] to the North (N) from Dumontville
 - 1895 population of 505 people (with 2,955 people in 2013)
 - Baltimore had a post office and railroad service
Carroll       [Map]  
 - Located 4 miles [6.4 km] to the West Northwest (WNW) from Dumontville
 - 1895 population of 293 people (with 522 people in 2013)
 - Carroll had a post office and railroad service
Sandstone - Historic       [Map]  
 - While Sandstone was mentioned in the 1895 Atlas, it no longer exists
 - Located 5 miles [8 km] to the Southeast (SE) from Dumontville
 - Sandstone had railroad service and no post office
Pleasantville       [Map]  
 - Located 5 miles [8 km] to the East Northeast (ENE) from Dumontville
 - 1895 population of 521 people (with 951 people in 2013)
 - Pleasantville had a post office and railroad service
Thurston       [Map]  
 - Located 5 miles [8 km] to the Northeast (NE) from Dumontville
 - 1895 population of 213 people (with 602 people in 2013)
 - Thurston had a post office and railroad service
Colfax       [Map]  
 - Located 6 miles [9.7 km] to the East Southeast (ESE) from Dumontville
 - 1895 population of 261 people
 - Colfax had a post office and no railroad service

We've created an expanded list of communities that existed in the 1890's and were located in the area around Dumontville. The list can be found on our page for Communities Neighboring Dumontville in the 1890's.

Websites to Help Your Genealogy Research ...

When we do our genealogical research, we start with Cyndi's List, FamilySearch, UsGenWeb Project, or Genealogy Trails. These professional and volunteer websites offer the information directly or else point to where you can find it. Their information is open to all and free to view - although it should be mentioned that they might link to other websites which do charge.

To help you get started, the following links will take you to the pages that are relevant to Dumontville:

For pages that are specific to Ohio:

Cyndi's List     Family Search     USGenWeb     Genealogy Trails    

Cemetery Information and Directories for Ohio:

Cyndi's List:     Cemeteries of Ohio
Cemetery Junction:     Directory for Ohio     Cemetery Wiki for Ohio
Find-A-Grave:     Home Page     Cemeteries of Ohio

Miscellaneous Mentions for Dumontville ...

While our initial data for Dumontville came from various goverment sources, we have found mention of Dumontville in old books and maps. When we do, we'll find a fact here or a snippet there. We've created the following list to keep track of the documents we found useful in adding to our knowledge about Dumontville.

We hope that the following list of documents will be of interest to you.

Business Atlas and Shippers' Guide
      Published by Rand McNally & Co.      (Document found on Google Books)
Notes for Dumontville:
    Services available at that time (1895): had Post Office, no Railroad mentioned  
Both the GNIS and FIPS databases contain entries for Dumontville.
      See our Misc Page for Dumontville for more information.

Other Roadside Stops ...

About Ohio

Cities, Towns and Villages of Ohio

Off-the-Road Links ...

Unfortunately, we don't know of a website for Dumontville. If you can help, please contact us through our Feedback Page.

The Panormaio photo collection may have pictures for the area around Dumontville:

Footnotes ...

<1>Our distances are not driving distances, but are calculated as a 'straight-line' distance starting from Dumontville. A straight line distance ignores obstructions like rivers, canyons, lakes, private property - it's truly a line from Point A (ie- Dumontville) to Point B.

If you need the driving distance (or directions), we recommend that you use one of the Mapping Services listed on our Map Page for Dumontville. Since we usually use Google Maps, we've provided the following link for your convenience: Google Map and Driving Directions starting from Dumontville

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<2>We use the term 'Historic' broadly and it generally means that the community no longer exists. However, it can also mean that the community might still exist, but was larger or had a more 'official' existence in the past than it does now. Unfortunately our sources of data have proven to be unreliable. If you can provide us with more specific information about Dumontville, please let us know so that we can improve our accuracy.

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For additional information, please visit our Glossary for Dumontville.


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